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My Latest Art

My latest paintings, been awhile between paintings, I hope you like them.

DS Nymph

This video is comprised of my art and set to music ~ it's 3:47 long

Turn up the sound, and I hope you enjoy (to view larger on cell phones - turn horizontal / landscape)


Spirit Sounds - After The Fall



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DrawingSpirits Website and Galleries are for display of original art works by Irene Furlotte aka Drawing Spirits - Art by Irene © 2001. All rights of all images within this website and galleries belong to ©Drawing Spirits - Art by Irene Furlotte and may not be reproduced without consent. Some artworks may not presently be offered for sale but may be at a future time and inquiries are welcome through the contact link and form. Some art works may be privately owned and are shown here as examples of past works and may also be available as prints. I appreciate your viewing.

- Irene