Irene DrawingSpirritsHello, I am Irene and I have been DrawingSpirits since 2001, with online galleries in different web venues and several exhibits around Ontario. One day I found an exhibit flyer outside Museum London and Art Gallery which called for artist submissions from survivors of sexual assault. It stirred me deeply wondering what it would feel like to draw the anguish I often felt. I drew a screaming bald woman in deep pain.Soul Scream sketch

It was a difficult birth drawing the spirits of my journey with sexual and physical assaults and mental health challenges that led to many twist and turns along the way. I am always surprised by my art and I often post works as I do them and others find the twists as surprising as I do.


I am self taught preferring acrylic on canvas sealed with a high U.V. varnish to protect the work and allowing less damage in sunny spaces. These gallery's images are not truly representative of my actual paintings. I have a thicker 3d texture and gloss that make photos difficult to capture. Often people express it's a different experience to view the real art, which is always a nice encouragement! I appreciate your viewing and hope you will return to see new works.

~Irene ~aka DrawingSpirits

         DS Nymph